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Google’s Gmail SMS for Africa, a case of coming too late with too little

Gmail SMS

When last week I read on the internet that Google had launched Gmail SMS in Africa, I mostly ignored the news. I remembered reading something along the same lines some several months ago so I assumed Google PR was repurposing the ‘news’ or some international news organization had happened upon the old news and had decided to take it global with a “People in Africa can now…” angle. Continue reading

Job Xpress Launched By ForgetMeNot Africa

Escalating Unemployment

In a bid to help reduce the escalating rate of unemployment among the youth on the continent, ForgetMeNot Africa has launched Job Xpress, a new internet free SMS-based job application app, that enables partnered mobile networks’ subscribers to send CVs and job applications attached to mobile emails from any mobile phone, regardless of the model or make of the handset. Continue reading

Airtel Wants Google, Facebook To Share Revenue With The Operator

An Unfair Game

“Network is capital intensive, we have to pay for spectrum and voice revenue is coming down. At the same time, companies like Google, which have not invested more than a few billion dollars, are enjoying valuations that are ten times that of a traditional telecom player. It’s an unfair game. ..We are the ones investing in setting up data pipes and they make the money. There is interconnection for voice then why not for data,” mentions Jagbir Singh, Director, Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel (via).
Continue reading

Kipokezi Apps Challenge Hackathon

The Kipapps Hackathon took place this weekend, in which a shortlist of 7 carefully selected developers (with 10 apps) battled it out to become the winner of the Kipokezi Apps Challenge. The event spanned the weekend 4th-6th May and took place at the iHub, Nairobi. Continue reading