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The Fascinating and Diverse Mobile Web East Africa Conference 2012 (Day 2)

Creating the next generation of mobile entrepreneurs

Day two opened with Joseph Sevilla (Director iLabAfrica) evaluating the successes and failures of mobile application development and how the next generation of mobile training may be. Continue reading

The Fascinating and Diverse Mobile Web East Africa Conference 2012 (Day 1)

Mobile Web East Africa

The 22-23 February marked the Mobile Web East Africa 2012 (#MWEA2012) All Amber conference. It was the second ever MWEA event providing an interactive conference with many like-minded stimulating people set in the beautiful scenery of the SouthernSun Mayfair, Nairobi. Continue reading

ForgetMeNot Africa bringing data services to basic handsets in Africa

Jeremy George, Chief Operating Officer, ForgetMeNot Africa, talks about bringing data services such as internet-free Facebook to basic handsets in Africa.

He also explains how ForgetMeNot Africa are working with global handset manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, to build mobile applications utilising the SMS channel.

Namibian internet infrastructure still requires development

Namibia has hosted a three day national summit aimed at discussing ways to catalyse development in the ICT industry of the country. The prospects for the industry were greatly improved after the landing of an undersea fibre optic cable on the west coast of the country earlier in the year.

The cable, named the West Africa Cable System, was the first ever submarine cable to land on Namibian shores and is expected to revolutionise communication sevices for the Namibian population. The service will provide access to a high speed ICT infrastructure that will be cost-effective, and sustainable. Continue reading

Progress still needed to fulfill UN Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa

The latest report from the UN which monitors the progress towards achieving the Millenium Development Goals shows that work is still needed to achieve the desired results particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The eight goals were officially established following the Millennium Summit in 2000 and include ambitions to eradicate poverty, reduce child morality, and combat HIV/AIDS by 2015. All 193 member states of the UN agreed on the goals as well as many international organisations and yet, much still needs to be done if they are to be achieved by the target date. Continue reading