IM & Email Services via SMS : Higher Messaging Volume & RevenueIM & Email Services via SMS : Higher Messaging Volume & Revenue

Internet messaging for ALL network subscribers

The Message Optimiser (MO) platform bridges the gap between PC and mobile messaging by providing internet messaging on every mobile phone via eTXT's.

An eTXT is a message which can be sent and received seamlessly as an SMS, an email or chat message on any carriers network via SMS. No need for downloads to the phone, internet, PC access or a change in user behaviour.

No Internet or PC needed

African mobile subscribers can now instantly get Unified Messaging services including email and significantly, chat without ever needing to have PC or Internet access.

Works on ANY low end phone

End users only require a low end mobile phone to get going with our range of communication and information services.

Handset Initiation (HI) technology

Handset Initiation technology opens up the entire mobile phone base to these services. This is ideal for developing African nations where PC and Internet access percentages average in the low single digits - even users in advanced nations benefit from having true mobile communication capability without the need for a PC or the Internet.

Network Benefits of eTXT

  • Provide 2-way email and 2-way chat to ALL of your subscribers
  • Drives SMS traffic
  • Monetises three new channels of revenue email, chat and social networking
  • Gain a competitive advantage over rivals by launching this service
  • Reduces churn
  • Attracts new customers from rival networks who want to use eTXT
  • Helps to bridge the digital divide